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Tips on raising Maine Coon kittens

Maine coons are not fully grown until about 3-5 years of age. Dry food should be free fed and available at all times. Wet food should be offered 3-5 times a day.

Maine coons are a long haired breed. They have a double coat that needs to be brushed regularly. They do not need to be shaved in the summer, the coat insulates against heat and cold.

Maine coons are very curious and love to play. Make sure there is plenty of activities for them.

Maine coons grow rather large. Small to medium litter boxes will not be useful for very long. Some automatic litter boxes are big enough to accommodate the coonies, make sure you get them used to it early.

Maine coons, like all cats, are lovers and can be lap cats on their terms. They do not realize how big they are and will try to squeeze into your lap.

Most importantly, Maine coons are magical creatures. They will transform your life and you will experience love for your pet like never before. Once you are owned by one, you will want another.

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