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You may wonder what that is. A little back story. Our beautiful queen Heron recently gave birth to our latest litter. About a week ago, when the kittens were 7 weeks old, she started vomiting. Just once a day, nothing too worrisome. But it continued for a couple days. Off to the vet we go. Exam and x-ray later, she is constipated and we need to keep her on fluids only for 24 hours, give her some meds for a couple days and she should be fine. The next evening we gave her food and she seemed fine. Woke up to vomit on the floor again. But she was eating and drinking so perhaps it was just too much after not eating for 24 hours. The next day she was vomiting again and now she did not want to eat. Off to the emergency vet we go. Another exam and x-ray later, she has a large "hairball" that is causing a blockage and needs to be surgically removed. We leave our baby and head home. Its 11 pm and we are waiting for the call to let us know she is ready for pick up. The vet calls at almost 1 am to let us know that it is not a blockage, it's intussusception. (Intussusception is when the intestines telescope into each other and cut off the blood supply to that portion of the intestines) She has to have part of her intestines removed. We agree to the surgery and wait for the call that she is ready for pickup. We get the call, drive her to the hospital for 24 hour monitoring and wait for her to be ready to come home. Thankfully she only had to stay there for 1 day. She was a champ and started eating without issues. We brought her home and she has been doing great. $5000 and very little sleep later, we have a happy mommy cat that is enjoying her kittens again.

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