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Angry emails and being surrounded by love

As with all things, there is always someone who will be offended by something. It seems that my disclaimer about deafness in white animals was too much of a trigger for someone. Suffice it to say, our goal is not to populate the world with deaf kittens. It was merely an educational post for newcomers to the world of Maine Coons, and white animals in general. Even with best breeding practices, there is a 20% chance that an all white animal will be deaf. Yet in the midst of the storm, I had a request for a white odd eyed deaf male kitten. Here are a few advantages of owning a deaf kitten: they are not afraid of the vacuum, hairdryer, thunder, fireworks, washing machine, dryer, loud music, street noise, or anything else that can frighten animals. They are very chill and love to snuggle. You can tell them all your secrets and they will not judge you. They ignore your orders just like a cat that is able to hear. Use care, don't let them outside unattended, and you will not even know the difference.

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