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White kittens/cats cattery has an extremely low rate of deafness among our white kittens. Should one of our kittens present with deafness, it will be clearly annotated in the description. 

. Stay tuned for exciting news

Our beautiful Herons kittens are reserved.
All of our kittens are $2500. That includes all of the vaccines to age 16 weeks,  microchip, genetic testing, and spay/neuter.

Cats on the Street
Florian 3.jpg

Florian (Cream Boy)

Little chunky takes after his grandpa. He is very energetic and loves to hang with his brothers. He is reserved.

Vortex (Silver/black boy)

He has a very pretty color pattern. He is outgoing and loves his bathes. He is reserved.

Luni 3.jpg

Lunie (Silver/black tabby)

He is the lightest of them all. He is curious and attentive. He is reserved.

Spicer (Girl)

She loves to rough house with her brothers. She has the cutest little voice. She is reserved.

Aviendah 3.jpg

Badger (Black/silver boy)

Badger is a true adventurer. He loves climbing and exploring. He is reserved.

Aviendha (Girl)

She is a true princess. She loves to play and loves to be held. She is reserved.

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